Wing Inventory

July 1, 2010

Now that the kit has been delivered from Avipro, it's time to inventory everything.  For now, the fuselage and all its parts have been moved to storage until the wings are finished. The wings are in my two-car garage ready to be unpacked and inventoried.

I found that the wing crates work really well as a temporary work bench.  I simply placed a couple of 4x8 sheets of plywood on top and then used the styrofoam that came with the wing package as a cushion. Some of the 1" strips of styrofoam were slid under the front and rear spar locations to take some of the pressure off of the center wing ribs. 

The wings come with the top skins all finish riveted.  The bottom skins are temporarily pop-riveted with aluminum rivets that are easy to drill out.

The top frame of the wing crate was un-bolted and removed.  The first wing was then removed and set aside.  The top frame of the wing crate was then reassembled, the plywood placed on top, and the layers of styrofoam placed on top, then the wing was flipped over (bottom-side up) and placed on top of the wing crate as shown here:

As you can see in the above photo, the pop rivets have been drilled out and all of the parts that shipped inside the wing was removed and inventoried.  Drill out the pop rivets with a #30 drill bit.  If they start spinning, just grab the bottom stub of the rivet with some pliers and hold it steady.  Drill until the head pops off. Then, if needed you can use a small punch to punch out the rest of the rivet.

The wings come with all of the steel parts shown in the plans including the the flap and aileron hinges, pushrods, tank straps, flap drive, aileron and flap drive supports, etc. They also come with the inspection holes all pre-cut and the inspection hole covers and rings to fit them:

Also included are the beautifully welded fuel tanks:

Well, it looks like everything is here, they even included the bearings for the aileron and flap hinges. its now time to get started building this airplane.

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