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Started July 6, 2010

Before we start assembly, I wanted to share the rules about aircraft bolts and nuts. It is very important that you use only aircraft quality hardware in your airplane. The bolts must be of the correct length and must be tightened to the proper torque value. The bolts and nuts that are already installed in your kit may or may not be the correct length for the application.  You will need to check them and check that they are tightened to the correct torque value. Please click on the link below to learn all about bolts and nuts in article written by Ron Alexander:

All about Aircraft Hardware

Torque Values for Aircraft Bolts & Nuts

Let's get started
There is quite a bit of work to be done inside the wing before riveting on the bottom skin for the final time. To gain easy access, just roll the skin back and tape it with clear packing tape or duct tape in 6 or 7 locations as shown here:

Be careful to not "kink" it.  Just use a gentle roll.  You can also drill out the pop rivets that hold the 3 aileron pocket skins on and remove them at this point.

You can see in the above picture that I have already assembled the flap drive mechanism as shown in the plans (drawing #9).  Here is a closer look:

Just temporarily assembled for now.  After the flaps are mounted, the holes for the bolts that secure the arms to the torque tube will be drilled.

The plans call for a rubber bumper for the up-stop.  I purchased some rubber heater hose at a local auto parts store and cut a 3" long piece, and then sliced it length-wise.  It was then wrapped around the flap support tube and safety wired in place as shown here:

The flap and aileron hinges are bolted in place next.  The three legged hinges mount in the aileron and flap support tube locations.  The 3 shorter hinges are for the flaps and the 2 longer ones are for the ailerons.  Here is the 3 legged flap hinge mounted at the correct location. Note: wing is inverted (bottom side up):

Here is one of the 2 leg flap hinges mounted

The 3 legged aileron hinge mounted at the aileron support tube location of the wing:

The 2 leg aileron hinge:

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