Construction Time Log

The following construction times are an accurate tally of actual build time for each major component.  These times do not include time spent studying the plans, ordering materials, cleaning the shop, etc.  These times are actual hands-on build time only.  The clock starts w\hen I pick up the tools and stops when I set them down again.

How to maximize your efficiency and minimize your build time
People often ask me how I can build these airplanes so quickly.  Well the best answer is that I spend a lot of my spare time day dreaming. That's right, I am painting a mental picture of how I'm going to build a specific part of the airplane. By the time time I actually pick up the tools and build the part, I have already built it a hundred times in my head. I've looked at pictures of how others have done it, I study the plans and all about it and then I see it in my mind. By the time I get ready to build, I already know exactly which tools I will need and which parts and hardware I'll need to complete that part. Then its just a matter doing it for real.

The other part of the equation to create maximized efficiency in the shop is to be organized.  Know exactly where each tool is and have your parts and hardware organized so you can find them.  I can't tell you how many times I have had to spend 1/2 hour or more looking fort a part or a tool that I need.  It stresses me out and takes away the enjoyment I feel in building an airplane. So I have learned to clean up and put my tools away at the end of each build session.  Have parts bins and keep your parts in an organized fashion so will know where everything is.

Ok here are the major components and a running log of actual build time spent on each one. By the way, I use Kitlog Pro to keep track of my actual build hours for each component.

Time Log for the Patrol


August 24, 2010
First wing is done, starting on second one.
Total Time first wing 57 hours

November 30, 2010
Second Wing is Done - wingtip fitted also
Total Time for both wings 111 hours.


Not Started Yet


Not Started Yet

Fuel and Brake Line Plumbing

Not Started Yet

Firewall Forward

Not Started Yet

Final Assembly

Not Started Yet

Total Accumulated Build Time

111 Hours

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