Patrol Kit Arrives page 2

The wings are a tight fit in a 2-car garage:

Here are all of the fuselage parts. I also got some various other optional parts from Avipro like the stringer material, windshield, wing struts, landing gear shock-strut springs, etc.:

My Harley looks pissed.  He is being displaced by all this stuff.  I'm going to be re-locating the Harley to the airport where he will be hanging out under the wing of my Bearhawk until further notice.

Here is a picture of how well secured the wings are in their steel shipping cages.  The parts for the wings are contained inside the wings so I will have to inventory those when I get them opened up:

I plan to convert these shipping crates into an excellent builder table.  I will show that at a later time.

Here is how they bolt the wings inside the steel shipping crates:

Here is the fuselage as it arrives from Avipro.  It's un-primed because there is still some welding to be done.  Minor stuff like tabs, stringer stand-offs, etc need to be fabricated and welded on:

The quality of workmanship from the guys at Avipro continues to amaze me.  These guys are top notch welders and the quality of the kits are just outstanding. Here is a close-up of one of the weld clusters:

I didn't have to  search for the best weld to photograph. All of the clusters look this good.  I just picked one at random to photograph and show the quality of the kit .

The fuselage comes with the vertical stabilizer all welded in place.  Note that the Patrol has the airfoil shaped ribs on the vertical and horizontal stabilizers:

Well that's it, I am ready to start construction on my new Patrol. I am just completing the annual condition inspection on my Bearhawk, so will get started on this Patrol next week.  My plan is to complete the wings first, then move them to a friend's hangar to store them on the wall, while I complete the fuselage.

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