Patrol Kit Arrives

June 26, 2010

Well, the big day has finally arrived.  Yep, that's right, my Patrol Kit from Avipro has arrived.  The tail post has tag wired to it that says "Patrol #2" so I guess, I have kit number 2.  I suspect that Don Aldridge in Roanoke, VA has kit #1.

Mike Nellis arrived at about 10am this morning with a 35 foot long trailer, with two kits on it:

The one on the back is my Patrol Kit.  The one on the front is 4-place Bearhawk kit destined for a builder up in Ohio, Mike's next delivery:

Unwrapping the protective plastic shrink-wrap.I couldn't wait to get a peek inside to see my new kit. Mike tells me that him and Mark load everything up on the trailer and then cover it in this heavy plastic wrap. Then they  heat-shrink it with a blowtorch. Pretty cool:

Awe it's starting be revealed.  You can see the wings in their steel cages below the fuselage frame:

The fuselage frame is loaded up with cardboard containers and boxes.  In these are various parts such as the horz. stabilizers, elevators, rudder pedal assembly, control sticks, engine mount, etc.:

Looks like I got a lot of stuff to inventory.

Ok, after unbolting the fuselage supports from the wing crate frames, Mike and I easily unload the fuselage frame with all it's parts inside, and set it aside for now:

Mike has a couple of dollies that he put on the ground behind the trailer.  We then slid the wing crates off the back, setting the aft end on the first dolly, and then sliding it back the rest of the way and setting the front end on the other dolly:

At this point its easy to roll the wings and wing crates into the garage (shop).

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