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April 10, 2011

Along the top of the fuselage at the wing attach points, there is a former that the skylight and wing/fuselage gap seal fairing will attach to.  The former must perfectly match the shape of the wing.  Short of actually bolting the wings in place, the best way to accomplish this is to make a couple of stub wings out of some plywood or 3/4" shelving material.  I happened to have a couple of old pieces of shelving board laying around.

The mylar full sized wing template was cut out with scissors and then traced onto the boards, marking the main and rear spar locations:  The wing shape was then cut with a jigsaw:

To mount the wing stubs at the correct location and positioning, a couple pieces of aluminum angle was attached at the main and rear spar lines and the attachment hole was drilled at the exact location as the spar attachment holes on each wing. I actually took a measurement from the top skin of each wing down to the spar bolt hole to determine the location of these angle brackets:

The stub wings were attached to the fuselage with a couple of 1/4" bolts.  To hold the stub wings level, a block of wood was attached to the bottom of each one as shown here:

My Patrol now has wings!:

These same wing-forms will be saved and used to fit the windshield.

The top formers can be made a couple of ways.  They can be made out of 5052 aluminum and attached with tabs as shown here on Don Aldridge's Patrol project:

The factory kits come with the top former made from 1/2" square steel tube with 3/8" support tubes.  I have decided to follow the factory way of doing it.

Start by bending a piece of 1/2 square steel tube to match the shape of the top of the wing.

Note: the above picture taken from my Bearhawk project, but the concept is the same.

With the wing stubs in place, I clamped the front windshield/skylight channel in place (Note; the channel was purchased from Avipro):

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