Priming and Painting the Fuselage Frame

For the sandblasting and priming, we took the fuselage frame over to my friend mickey's house.  Mickey has a larger shop that is detatched from the house, so there were no fumes to irritate the wife. For the sand blasting part I rented a large commercial air compressor. It was able to stay up with the huge amount of air sand blasting demands.

Of course like usual, I had to pick the hottest, most humid day I can find here in South Mississippi to sand blast and prime the fuselage.  I did it with the Bearhawk, so I figured no sense in breaking with tradition.  Here I am in the 98 degree, 90% humidity sandblasting the fuselage and sweating my rear off:

At the end of this day I had sweat and sand in places I don't want to mention.

Once it was done, we moved it inside and wiped it all down.

Of course my building partner and father-in-law Lonnie who had been sitting under the shade trees watching up until this point, is now jumping in to lend a hand. ;-)

Finally, the 2-part Epoxy Primer(EP420) goes on:

This was allowed to cure overnight and then the whole thing was top coated with grey 2-part Aerothane. We allowed this to cure for a week before transporting it back to my shop.

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