Misc. Weldments

Summer 2011

Sometime during the summer, I misplaced my camera somewhere. On that camera, I had a lot of pictures of various misc. weldments that I had added before priming and painting the fuselage frame.  Oh well, I have gone back and photographed what was welded in place before painting, but since these were just taken in November 2011, the pictures show the parts all painted.

You will need to weld on some .100 4130N plate for seat belt attach points.  Here are the ones for the lap belt in the front seat:

Here is the one at the center, top of the fuselage for the shoulder harnesses for the front seat:

Note that this is at the same location as the rear wing attachments.

For the rear seat i will have lap belt only.  To accomodate this, i welded a couple of tubes into the cross tube aft of the rear seat (at either end). These tubes were threaded for 5/16" bolts:

You will need a reinforcement piece where the entry door latches.  Use some .100 thick steel plate for this:

On the top of the fuselage where the top formers match up to the wing, you need a nice transition at the end of the 1/2" square tubing.  I just took some of the 1/2" square tube and cut it lengthwise at an angle, then welded to pieces on as shown here:

If decide to not panel mount your throttle quadrant, you will need some mounting tabs for it.  I used some .060 steel bend into an "L" shaped angle and welded in place as shown here.  This is the front seat throttle:

Here is the throttle quadrant mounts for the rear seat:

Of course each person has to decide how they want to do their throttles.

A mount is needed for the fuel line tee where the aft and forward fuel lines meet just forward of the fuselage side formers.  Again, I just used some .062 steel plate bend with a small flange on each side to stiffen it.  This is shown in a recent Engineering Notice.

 That's about it for the Misc. stuff.  If I missed anything, I can always go back and add it later.

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