Fuel Valve & Gascolator

The Fuel Selector valve and Gascolator must be mounted to the fuselage bottom between stations "B" and "C". The goal is to make the gascolator bowl and drain, the lowest point in the fuel system. This is shown in the 2007 Patrol newsletter.

The fuel valve mount was made from 4130 steel sheet .090 thick.  The steel sheet was held up against the fuselage tubes at the proper location and the shape and angle of the tubes near the cluster were traced onto the sheet with a marker pen. The piece was then cut with a bandsaw:

The one shown in the above picture is about 2" wide but it really should be about 1" wide to save weight. I later trimmed it to 1" (see the end of this page).

A notch was ground into the edge of the mounting plate to clear the fuel valve housing.  The holes were then drilled to mount the fuel valve to the mounting plate

The mounting plate was then positioned under the fuselage tubes near the cluster at station "B" and welded in place:

Here is the view of the mounting plate from under the fuselage bottom, looking up:

The gascolator is mounted directly to the fuel selector valve via an AN911-2 nipple, which is just a connector, with 1/4" pipe threads on both ends:

Now a mount must be fabricated to support the weight of the gascolator.  The gascolator was attached to the fuel valve using some EZ-Turn lubricant on the threads and tightened all the way.  This puts the gascolator in the proper position for installing the mount.

The mount for the gascolator was made from 4130 steel sheet .040 thick.  A channel was made with a couple of 3/8" flanges to stiffen it.

The channel mount was then cut and ground until it fit nicely between the fuselage tubes directly over the gascolator mounting holes.

Note in the picture above, the pen marks on the fuselage tubes were made by laying a straight edge across the gascolator mounting holes and drawing the location on each fuselage tube. That way, the mounting channel can be aligned, centered on those marks.

The mount was welded on the bottom of the fuselage tubes.

To match drill the holes for mounting the gascolator to the mount, reference marks were made on top of the gascolator at 1" locations.  These reference marks were then duplicated on the mount to duplicate the hole locations.  The gascolator and fuel valve were then removed and the holes were drilled out to 1/4" on the mount.

Here is the gascolator and fuel valve mounted to the bottom of the fuselage:  

Once the floors are installed, only the handle of the fuel valve will stick out above the floor

Addendum March 14, 2011
To save weight, I went ahead and trimmed the mounting plate for the fuel selector valve down to 1" wide.

Sounds crazy but I have learned over the yeasr that every oz. counts and they all add up to lbs.

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