Bottom Former

February 5, 2011

There is a bottom former at station "C" made from 3/8" steel 4130 tube.  This important former will later support the stringers that head back toward the tail and the aluminum that runs under the cockpit.  Make sure that it is parallel with, and centered side-to-side) on, Station "C"

Start by measuring out the basic shape (scale to the drawing #17) and drawing it on a piece of plywood.

Notch the 3/8" tubing where the bends will occur:

Bend it to match and weld the notches shut:

Now the piece can be fitted to the bottom of the fuselage at station "C" and welded in place:

The former is tiled back to allow clearance for the landing gear shock struts.  It is tiled back about 1 1/4" from the centerline of the station "C" tube.

Now a couple of support tubes must be created and welded in place.  Again, to make plenty of clearance, these support tubes are bent as shown on drawing #17.  To get the correct bend and length, use some welding rod as a template:

Bend and cut the 3/8" tube to match the welding rod:

Now, weld the support tubes in place as shown here:

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