Boot Cowl and Engine Cowl

March 2012

The innstallation of the boot cowl begins with the installation and proper positioning of the Instrument panel and firewall. Here is the instrument panel installed:

Sorrry about the blurry photo

Hear is the firewall installed along with the engine mount:


Next the engine is hung so we can start the process of fitting the cowl:


Next the .025 aluminum sheel was cut and fitted between the instrumant panel, side formers and firewall:


On the bottom of the boot cowl is the tunnel.

With the engine installed, the nose bowl was positioned by using a propeller spinner bulkhead bolted to the crankshaft flange with proper spacers to simulate the prop thickness. The nose bowl was clamped to the spinner bulkhead with a 1/4" gap, perfectly centered and level, the engine cowling was built between the nose bowl and the firewall:
It is important to make sure there is at least 1/2" clearance from all parts of the engine, airbox, and exhaust for the cowling.  The engine must have room to move.

Note the airbox cover at the bottom. Also note the lip that was added at the cowl exit at the bottom.  Its 1 1/2" wide and angles at about 45 degrees from the bottom. This helps the engine cooling significantly.

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