Known Flying Bearhawk Patrols

This will be a record of the known flying Bearhawk Patrols and will updated regularly as information comes in.  If you are reading this and know of a completed and flying Patrol that is not listed here, please let me know so I can update this webpage.  Email pictures and any flight reports to me at this email address.

Bob Barrows Prototype Bearhawk Patrol

Steve Thompson's Patrol

Steve has the first customer built Patrol to fly.  Click here to see more of Steve's Patrol.

Bob Maddox's Patrol

"Here is a picture of Bob Maddox's Patrol. He flew it for the second time this morning. He is real happy with it. I was mistaken about one thing. He has a Hartzell and not a McCauley. It came out of a Mooney and is only 74" diameter. But he says the take off and climb is spectacular. His landing this morning was at 40 kts indicated with 30 degrees of flap. He said without using any brake he stopped incredibly short. There was a little breeze."  Mark Goldberg

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