Final Mounting of Wings

June 2013

We finally finished painting the wings and brought them out to the hangar to be finally mounted to the fuselage

The Fuselage was levelled by setting the tailwheel up on a workbench. the Wings were set alongside on sawhorses.

I rented a sheetrock lift at the local rental place.  I also got some helpers to come over.  Here my Father-in-Law Lonnie is running the sheetrock lift while I line up the mounting holes and slip in the bolts:

One the two main bolts were inserted, the lift struts were positioned and bolted in place to support the wing.  Here is a group shot and me and a couple of my helpers celebrating the mounting of the wings:
Left to right Lonnie, Burl and me (Eric). Notice, I am the only one sweating :-)

Here she is with the wings on.  This really starting to look like an airplane now:

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