Fabric Covering Pg 1

With all the control cables, fuel lines and brake lines run, it is finally time to start fabric covering. I also made sure to do all the final hook-ups and installation of the throttle cables and linkages.  As discussed previously, my throttles come up through a slit in the window opening frome on the left side.  To create a smooth cushion for the throttle, I cut a 3/16" slot and then split a piece of rubber sheet, folding it inside the slot and gluing it in place as shown here:

The throttle cable sheeve must be supported  to prevent movement back and forth.  I previously welded a small split tab of  .090 steel to the frame as shown here and sqezzed it around the cable sheeve:

In addition to the throttle installation, the flight control cables, elevator drive tube and fuel lines were installed before fabric covering,

The interior was covered first starting with the left side. The fabric is cut to fit around the various tubes to allow it to finally be glued to the longerons:

Here the fabric is being cut to fit the rear "D" windows. Note the flap cables are installed but just taped in place for now:

The inside corner of the side windows are particularly tricky.  Lots of small slits are required:

Once the inside fabric was cut to fit everywhere it was time to glue it in place.  We started at the slot of the "D" windows, glueing and pressing the fabric inside the slot with popsicle sticks:

The fabric was also glued into the main window opening:

The fabric was shrunk next:
Note the fuel lines running down the inside of the rear door openings.

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